Tata Group to establish a new semiconductor fabrication  plant in the state of Gujarat.

tata group

Tata Group: Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran shared insights into Tata Sons’ foray into semiconductor manufacturing on Wednesday, revealing that negotiations for a semiconductor fab in Dholera are nearing completion.
He highlighted the company’s commitment to venture into cutting-edge technology and manufacturing, positioning Tata Sons at the forefront of technological innovation, with the project set to begin in 2024.

Chandrasekaran said “For the Tata Group, Gujarat holds a distinctive significance, dating back to 1939 when Tata Chemicals marked the beginning of its presence in the state. Over the years, this relationship has flourished, with 21 Tata Group companies now boasting a robust presence in Gujarat. Significantly contributing to the state’s employment landscape, the Tata Group employs over 50,000 individuals, underscoring the symbiotic growth between the conglomerate and the progressive state of Gujarat.”

He also added “The profound influence of eco-friendly development initiatives in Gujarat has not only catalysed environmental progress but has also yielded remarkable social advancements. Positioned as the gateway to India’s future, Gujarat stands as a testament to the success of sustainable development,”.
Additionally, Chandrasekaran highlighted Sanand’s critical role in the company’s electric vehicle (EV) technology initiatives, emphasizing how it has developed into a focal point for its EV initiatives.
He also mentioned increasing manufacturing capacity to meet the growing market need, further acknowledging the surge in demand for electric vehicles. Apart from the advancements in the electric mobility domain, Chandrasekaran furnished the latest information on the varied portfolio of Tata Sons. He declared that work on the defence aircraft, the C295, had started in Baroda and would soon move to Dholera.
In the upcoming months, he also disclosed plans to start building a massive 20-gigawatt battery storage factory in Gujarat.

“This ambitious initiative marks a strategic move by Tata to bolster its presence in the renewable energy sector and contribute to India’s growing focus on sustainable power solutions. The upcoming facility is expected to play a pivotal role in meeting the escalating demand for energy storage solutions, aligning with the nation’s commitment to clean and green technologies,” said Chandrasekaran.

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