Reliance, Plans to establish India’s inaugural state-of-the-art carbon fiber facility at Hazira.


On Wednesday, billionaire Mukesh Ambani announced that his company Reliance will establish the first-ever, state-of-the-art carbon fiber facility in India at Hazira. Ambani stated that Reliance was, is, and will always be a Gujarati company while speaking at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit in this location.

“Reliance has invested over USD 150 billion (12 lakh crore) in creating world-class assets and capacities across India in last just 10 years.Of this, more than one third has been invested in Gujarat alone,” he said.
He added that Reliance will help make Gujarat a global leader in green growth. “We will help Gujarat’s target to meet half of its energy needs through renewables by 2030.”

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Over 5,000 acres in Jamnagar, Reliance began construction on the Dhirubhai Ambani Green Energy Giga Complex. This will generate a large number of green jobs and enable the production of green products and materials, making Gujarat the leading exporter of such goods, he said, adding that the company is ready to roll this out in the second half of 2024.
Reliance Jio completed the world’s fastest roll-out of 5G infrastructure.
He also stated, “For India’s bid for the 2036 Olympics, Reliance and Reliance Foundation will collaborate with several other partners in Gujarat to improve the education, sports, and skills infrastructure that will nurture tomorrow’s champions in various Olympics sports.”

He also make an statement “No power on earth can stop India from becoming a 35 trillion-dollar economy by 2047. And I see Gujarat alone will become a 3-trillion dollar economy by then,”.

Ambani announced five commitments: 

(1.) RIL will establish India’s first carbon fiber facility in Hazira, making Gujarat a ‘pioneer in new materials and circular economy.’

(2.) To assist the state in meeting 50% of its energy needs through renewable energy by 2030, the group has begun construction on the Dhirubhai Ambani Green Energy Giga Complex, which spans 5,000 acres in Jamnagar. The facility will be operational in the second half of the year.

(3) Reliance Retail, RIL’s retail arm, will bring ‘quality products’ to the state and support its farmers.

(4.) Having completed the ‘fastest 5G rollout’ anywhere in the world, RIL’s ‘5G-enabled artificial intelligence (AI) revolutions’ will create jobs in the state.

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