Ashish Kacholia Portfolio: Fineotex Chemical Fundraise1000% in 5 Years

Ashish kacholia Portfolio

Ashish Kacholia Portfolio: Stocks of Fineotex Chemical are among the multibaggers that the Indian stock market has produced in recent years. Over 1,000% has been returned to positional investors in this chemical stock, which is backed by Ashish Kacholia. It has increased in value from about ₹33.75 to ₹400 per share on the NSE.

For the previous four sessions in a row, this Ashish Kacholia portfolio stock has been rising. However, on Monday, the chemical company notified the Indian stock market exchanges about the board meeting to consider and approve fundraising through the issuance of new shares, which caused the multibagger stock to reach a record high. But, profit booking was triggered after the stock reached a new high, and on Monday it closed at ₹391.30 per share.

Today, the price of Fineotex Chemical shares opened higher and reached a high of ₹400 per share on the NSE, representing a 2 percent increase in value within the day.

Details of Fineotex Chemical’s fund

Fineotex Chemical Ltd. filed an exchange report on Monday. “We wish to inform you that the Board of Directors of the Company will meet on Friday, February 16, 2024, pursuant to regulation 29(1)(d) and other applicable provisions of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulation, 2015, among other things to consider a proposal for raising funds by way of issuing one or more instruments comprising of Equity Shares, Convertible Securities of any other description, Warrants, or Debt Securities, through Private Placement/Preferential Issue/Qualified Institutions Placement or such other methods or combinations thereof as may be decided by the Board, and to approve ancillary actions for the aforementioned fund raising, subject to such Statutory/Regulatory requirements.”

Equity Holding of Ashish Kacholia

Ace investor Ashish Kacholia possesses 31,35,568 company shares, or 2.83 percent of Fineotex Chemical Ltd.’s total paid-up capital, based on the company’s shareholding pattern for the October to December 2023 quarter. Ashish Kacholia held the same 31,35,568 Fineotex Chemical shares from July to September of 2023. This indicates that throughout Q3FY24, the seasoned investor has stuck with this multibagger chemical stock.

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