Airbus To Build A220 Doors In India | Signed Deal With Dynamatic Technologies Limited

Airbus To Build A220 Doors In India

Airbus To Build A220 Doors In India: Airbus has given Bengaluru-based Dynamatic Technologies a contract for the production and assembly of its A220 Family aircraft doors, significantly advancing the central government’s “Make in India” initiative. One of the biggest contracts for aerospace export to India is this one.

By adding to the current source’s capacity, the contract will facilitate the A220 program’s acceleration. All of the A220 family aircraft’s over-wing emergency exit doors, including the cargo, passenger, and service doors (eight doors per aircraft), will be manufactured and assembled by Dynamatic, per the agreement. A downstream opportunity for the other Indian suppliers will arise from the doors contract, which includes the manufacturing of detailed parts components.

In less than a year, Airbus has given an Indian supplier a door contract twice already. A320 Family bulk and cargo door manufacturing was awarded to Tata Advanced Systems Ltd. by Airbus in 2023.
Having been an Airbus partner for many years, Dynamatic already produces the cockpit escape hatch door of the A220 and the Flap Track Beam of the Airbus A330 and A320 Family aircraft.

From aircraft assembly and component manufacturing to engineering design and development, MRO support, pilot and maintenance training, and academic collaboration to develop human capital, Airbus views India as a strategic resource hub where it is growing its industrial footprint.
These days, India produces all of the parts and technologies used in commercial Airbus aircraft.

Airbus currently spends roughly USD 750 million annually on services and parts from India; in the coming years, this amount will increase to USD 1.5 billion. Two Final Assembly Lines are being built by Airbus in Vadodara, one for the H125 helicopter and the other for the C295 military aircraft, as part of their efforts to develop the larger Indian aerospace ecosystem.

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The A220 is the only aircraft designed specifically for the 100–150 seat market, combining cutting-edge materials, aerodynamics, and engines with the newest models. Featuring a 50% reduced noise footprint and up to 25% lower fuel burn per seat compared to previous generation aircraft, as well as around 40% lower NOx emissions than industry standards, the A220 is perfectly suited for regional as well as long-distance routes.

“Airbus continues to walk the talk on ‘Make in India,'” stated Rémi Maillard, President and Managing Director, Airbus India and South Asia. “This contract with our trusted partner Dynamatic is a game-changer for Indian aerospace manufacturing, as this work package will bring new capabilities to the Indian ecosystem through complex system integration,” stated Rémi Maillard, President and Managing Director of Airbus India and South Asia. “From manufacturing and assembly to design and development, maintenance, and skill development, Airbus will continue to act as a special catalyst to develop the Indian aerospace ecosystem holistically.”

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