ABB India share surges 7% as UBS raises target price

ABB India share surges 7%

In a testament to its robust performance and promising future prospects, shares of ABB India soared by 7% during early trading hours today, reaching an unprecedented peak of ₹6,341.90 per share. The surge came on the heels of a compelling report by global brokerage firm UBS, which not only upgraded its target price for the stock but also outlined a bullish scenario for investors.

The latest report from UBS revised the target price for ABB India to ₹7,550 per share, a significant uplift from its previous target of ₹5,380. This upward revision was underpinned by a multitude of factors, including a high double-digit growth trajectory across both domestic and export orders within the motion and low-voltage EP (Electrical Products) segments. Additionally, UBS cited a steady ramp-up in Operating Profit Margins (OPMs) as a contributing factor to its optimistic outlook on the stock.

Forecasts outlined by UBS project a remarkable order inflow growth of 23% spanning the period from 2023 to 2026E, accompanied by a corresponding revenue surge of approximately 21%. This growth trajectory is expected to culminate in a remarkable 23% Earnings Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

The brokerage firm did not stop there, illustrating a bullish scenario with a target price of ₹8,840 per share, indicative of the substantial upside potential it envisions for ABB India. Conversely, UBS also delineated a downside valuation target of ₹4,840 per share, which factors in a more conservative pace of order inflow and limited margin expansion opportunities.

ABB India, a subsidiary of the renowned Switzerland-based ABB Group, operates as a leader in power and automation solutions, boasting a presence in over 100 countries worldwide. Leveraging its extensive manufacturing infrastructure in India, ABB stands at the forefront of the process industry automation sector within the country.

Key to ABB’s success, as highlighted by UBS, is its expanding product suite in the low- and medium-voltage segments, catering to both traditional and emerging market segments. Notably, global players such as SIEM and Schneider, alongside ABB, are strategically positioning themselves to capitalize on the long-term growth prospects within the electrification domain.

In the motion segment, UBS underscored the pivotal role of mobility, encompassing semi-high-speed rail, conventional rail, and metro projects, in driving the surge in order inflows. This momentum is anticipated to be sustainable over the long term, supported by ABB’s concerted efforts to expand its capacity to meet burgeoning demand.

UBS expressed confidence in ABB’s ability to enhance profitability, particularly in the low- and medium-voltage electrification and motion sectors, buoyed by robust demand dynamics and strategic initiatives aimed at product range expansion and availability.

Despite prevailing concerns regarding short-cycle order fatigue, especially within the motion division, UBS remains optimistic about ABB’s prospects for scaling up new order growth. This optimism stems from ABB’s strategic positioning in mobility-led projects and its ongoing efforts to bolster its portfolio in low- and medium-voltage electrification.

In conclusion, UBS’s bullish assessment of ABB India’s future underscores the company’s strategic initiatives, robust growth trajectory, and potential to capitalize on emerging opportunities within the infrastructure and electrification sectors. With a revised target price reflecting a substantial upside, investors are eyeing ABB India as a prime candidate for long-term growth and value creation in the dynamic landscape of the Indian market.

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