How To Invest mutual funds

How to Invest in Mutual Funds

Investing presents an enticing alternative to traditional saving methods, offering the potential for greater returns. However, the abundance of options can make investing daunting. Among these options, mutual funds have emerged as a straightforward choice for many investors. In this guide, we’ll delve into how to invest in mutual funds effectively to harness their wealth-building…

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tim cook

Tim Cook says he is ‘very, very pleased’ about how Apple is doing in India

During the recent earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook highlighted the company’s remarkable performance in India, revealing that it had set revenue records in the country for the quarter ending March 2024. This achievement stood out amidst a broader trend of declining revenue for Apple, which experienced a 4% decrease overall. The decline was primarily…

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long term investment

Value Investors: Their Long-Term Investment Strategy

Learning from these skilled value investors is like gaining access to a wealth of knowledge. They’ve weathered market storms, witnessed bull runs, and gained vital experience along the way. By analyzing their tactics, we can avoid frequent errors and make more informed stock investments. Value investors value fundamental analysis over short-term market volatility. They concentrate…

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Ratan Tata's Semiconductor Investment

Ratan Tata’s Semiconductor Investment Puts Assam on Global Tech Map

Industrial tycoon Ratan Tata and the Assam government have started an innovative journey to build a semiconductor manufacturing plant in Jagiroad, Assam, marking an important move forward in technology. This initiative, with an enormous Rs 27,000 crore investment from the Tata conglomerate, has the potential to push Assam onto the global semiconductor production stage. Ratan…

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