Plastic Waste Reduction Bond

World Bank Introduce $100 Million Plastic Waste Reduction-Linked Bond To Tackle Plastic Pollution

The $100 million Plastic Waste Reduction-Linked Bond, which is principal-protected, has a seven-year maturity period and is priced by the World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, or IBRD). With this novel bond, investors receive a financial return that is correlated with the Voluntary Carbon Units (carbon credits) and Plastic Waste Collection Credits (plastic…

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National Startup Day

National Startup Day: Thought Leaders Consider The Role Of New Ventures In Driving Growth

National Startup Day 2024: Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared January 16th as National Startup Day in 2024. The announcement was made on January 15, 2022, Startup India’s founding day. The day marks celebrations aimed at recognizing the startup community’s remarkable growth and contributions to the Indian economy. The Startup India initiative, which was launched in…

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